Monday, April 26, 2010


I can not express how frustrated I am right now...Our cable bill for my house at school has been the same price for two years now, $25 a month. One of my lovely roommates has not paid her cable in months, she owes us over 200 dollars, finally we put our foot down and told her you must pay now! We have all paid our last month of cable, and she still did not pay. We now have no TV or internet. We are being punished because she can not handle her money. I would feel totally different if she was remorseful or somewhat sorry for her actions, but she has not even said sorry or anything to us! And on top of that she is mad at us for asking her to pay up!! ughhh soooo frustrating! Good luck to her in the real world!

Near the end

Im getting close to the end of this chapter of my life, im ending college soon and im going to be going out into the real world. Im a bit nervous, but semi excited to start a new chapter of my life. All my sorority sisters have been crying about how today was the last Monday of classes, but I am just not a crier i guess. I am very sad to leave all of my sisters, they have met the world to me these past four years. I would not have gotten through some of my hard times without them. Although I am excited for us all to move on and "grow up" they will be missed dearly!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My summer is rapidly approaching and I have no clue what I am going to do all summer. I have to come back to school for one more semester, and I will be gone three weeks out of the summer for a school trip to California. I feel like no matter where i apply i wouldn't get the job, I guess i just have bad luck! On the flip side i am super excited for my trip. Were going to California and getting a day tour of Hollywood, maybe ill see someone famous! We also go to San Diego and Napa Vally for the day. I am also going to Colorado this summer with my family which will be a good time. I really want my boyfriend to come with us, but I'm a little nervous to ask him.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Something to be nervous about

So I have recently discovered that I am rather nervous for my boyfriend to meet my family. I have one extraordinary family. I am the youngest of seven, and we are all a bit crazy. I am the only one not married, and I have 11 nieces and nephews. We all live in a 20 minute radius of each other, and we all meet at my parents house every Sunday for dinner, did I mention were crazy. We are loud and fun, honestly it would take ALOT for my family not to like someone...we are very open to people, I think.
So I'm not really nervous if my family will like him or not, what Im nervous for is if my family will scare him away! He is an only child, so he is not use to the hecticness of my fam. I like this guy a lot, and this is a big deal breaker! I am basically obsessed with my family, if I could only hang out with them the rest of my life and not have any friends I think I would be set, we are extremely close. We go to bars together, we are drinking all the time at my parents house, I don't know were kind of like the M.O.B of my city, or a gang if you will. Every body knows about us, and (not to sound cocky) but everyone wants to be in the "morrow clan", just because they see how much fun we have together, and how we genuinely love hanging out with each other.
So as you can see I should be a bit nervous to bring home the boyfriend to meet my crazy fun family, right?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I am having this new thought. I am 21 years old, a senior in college. I am still young, the things im stressing about now will not matter in the future. When I get upset when about guys, when I get upset with my friends, and even upset about things going on in my soriety. I know that a year from now, maybe even sooner, these things will seem silly and frivolous. Until then, I need to cool down.
I am always so worried about everyone else and what everyone else is thinking. I need to concentrate on myself more. Another thing i need to do is stop thinking that my friends and significant others are out to get me. Sometimes i feel like everything everyone does is them trying to hurt me or trying to get other people to hate me. I have noooo idea why I even think this way, but it needs to stop! How do you just stop doing something you have done your whole life?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lets be more mature than our students...

Today my professor screwed me over. I have to turn in a human subjects form in order to survey people to put the research in my senior seminar. It takes the committee a couple weeks to approve the human subjects form and they only meet once a week. I had asked my professor the day after I turned in it if he had received it. I followed him to his office and he pulled it up on his computer and made sure he had gotten it.
I turned in my completed human subjects form several weeks ago, thinking my professor was a responsible person, i ASSUMED that he had turned it into the committee. My professor had approached me today and told me he hasn't gotten it yet. I told him "yes you do, I'm sure i turned it into you!" and he proceeded to tell me he had not received it. I started to tell him that I remember being in his office when he pulled it up on his computer, and he just ignored me and turned and walked away from me.
The next day I had another class with him and when I went to turn in my test he proceeded to tell me "oh Blake I did have your human subjects form It just wouldn't come up on my computer when i tried opening it" and I said " knew that you had it all along, you probably just lost it and didn't want to admit it " and I walked away.